My journey as a wedding photographer started in 2010. 


I had been living on the tropical paradise of Zanzibar for almost a year, supplying wine and cheese to the islands hotels and resorts.  I had been a serious amateur for a few years already, mostly shooting wildlife and sports, and since being on the island some travel images too, but apart from a weekend job photographing equestrian events while I was at university in South Africa I hadn’t done much professional photography.  That was all about to change.  But back in 2010, I had no idea I would become a professional wedding photographer. 


The opportunity to shoot my first wedding presented itself whilst having dinner with a friend at what is still one of my favourite restaurants on the island - a little Italian place on the outskirts of Stone Town.  The friend was also a client and manager at one of the islands new resorts.  They were hosting a wedding the next day, but had no photographer.  We got chatting about it and he persuaded me to photograph the wedding.  Ordinarily no one in their right mind would attempt to photograph a wedding without having had some prior experience, but this was different, the bride and groom weren’t expecting a photographer, it was me or nobody…  I had nothing to lose. 


For the next couple of years I dabbled in shooting a few weddings each year and in 2012 took the leap and left my job to become a full time photographer.


I was hooked.


I get to spend my work days at weddings, honeymoon or engagement shoots, surrounded by people going through some of the happiest days of their lives.  I not only get to be there, witnessing and sharing in their celebrations and emotions, but I have been granted the honour of capturing those moments so they can be shared with friends and family and re-visited and enjoyed for years to come. 


I now spend my time based between Zanzibar and South Africa which has given me the opportunity to photograph weddings in some incredible and rare locations.  From a sandbank in the the middle of the Indian Ocean or an elopement on a private island, to a ceremony watched over by a Masai tribe on the rim of the Ngorongoro crater or a hill in the middle of the Serengeti plains. 



What makes a wedding special though is not where it is, but rather who you’re doing it with.  Every wedding is different because every couple is unique and it’s a privilege to capture that uniqueness.



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