Alicja and Dawid – My last 2017 Wedding

Alicja and Dawid were my last wedding couple of 2017 and what a great way it was to end off a fantastic year!

They had decided to have a proper beach elopement in Zanzibar on a secluded beach away from any hotels and therefore, any other people. I arrived at the beach to find the organiser having already set up the little canopy, now waiting for Alicja and Dawid and the commissioner who would be marrying them. Not long after I did, the gorgeous couple arrived, Dawid fully dressed and Alicja mostly ready except for slipping on her wedding dress which she had wanted to keep a surprise for Dawid up until that point.

While we waited for Alicja to change, I quickly photographed the beautiful wedding rings which were made out of wood, before Dawid went down to the canopy they would soon be getting married under to wait for his bride to be.

The commissioner arrived and joined Dawid and then it was Alicja’s turn. She came out of the palm trees and took the long walk down the beach to Dawid to say the I do’s and start their life as a married couple together. On a completely empty beach apart from the few of us that witnessed it and a couple who came past on a motorbike, they said their vows and exchanged their rings.

After a quick glass of champagne we had a little couple shoot, first on the beach there and then moved off to the beautiful Upendo Beach and famous Rock Restaurant for a few more pictures before they went back to their hotel on the opposite end of the island!

The next day I met them in Stone Town where we walked the streets and grabbed a few snaps in the winding alley ways, popping into some picturesque hotels like Emerson Spice and Swahili House on the way to the fruit and spice market in Darajani.

Congratulations to a lovely couple, I hope your happiness of that day is compounded over the years to come!


Wedding rings on the sand Wedding Dress Beach wedding in Zanzibar Palm trees in Zanzibar Upendo Zanzibar - wedding Wedding at the rock restaurant Couple in Emerson Spice Emerson on Hurumzi Secret Garden

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